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We have designed Draftly to be as simple and intuitive as possible so you can hit the ground running and create a web3 community quickly.

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The Benefits of Working with Draftly.

Buy NFTs with a Credit Card

NFT Creation/Drop Execution. Easy to drop your NFTs and let users pay with credit cards. No need for a new system.

Manage your DAO community

Community Management. Keep your community active and organized with events, voting,  announcement, and more.

NCAA Compliance Assistance for you DAO

NCAA Compliance Assistance. Extensive experience in the NCAA Compliance space allows us to provide complex guidance and support to clients.

DAO Infrastructure

Community-Building Infrastructure. The only way to build a successful web3 community is to ensure that its members have the right security.

NFT Football Pads

Ready to Get in the Game?

We've got the best NCAA experts around, and they're ready to answer your questions.

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Proposals for your DAO

A community powered by the members

Your web3 community— governed by its members, proposing and voting on Proposals to execute its mission.

keep your web3 community member up to date with announcements

Publish updates and announcements directly to your web3 community membership and watch the community's excitement grow.

Web3 Announcements
DAO events

Never miss a web3 event again

Event management software that helps you easily create an event, promote it and communicate with members about it.

Create your own web3 community landing page

Check out our latest community Landing page for the Canes Community.

Canes Community
CanesDAO NFTs Image

We’ll help you get started

Draftly is a comprehensive software solution for web3 community creation and management. Designed to be up and running in just a few days, your future is right around the corner.