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Black Friday GAS Promotion - 50% Back!

Since it’s Black Friday and the Draftly team is in the holiday spirit, we decided to give everyone an early gift this year!  

We know that people are itching to snag some killer Sports NFTs, but GAS fees on ethereum are a pain now.  As such WE WILL PAY 50% OF YOUR GAS FEES on all Draftly NFT purchases this Friday through Monday.

In other words, we will send anywhere from $50 - $100 OF ETH TO YOUR WALLET!  And as we all know, the value of Eth continues to skyrocket so this may be much more valuable in a few months!  

With all of this extra money you can scoop up one of our newly dropped Tre Turner NFTs.  He is a top projected draft pick in this year's upcoming NFL draft.  All of his Epic NFTs come with a swaggy “Big Play Tre” t-shirt and the winner of his Legendary 1:1 auction will get a pair of signed game cleats as well. 

Also don’t forget about our other NFTs. We are almost sold out of our Tyler Van Dyke NFTs (so hurry if you want to buy one!), but we still have other Miami players for sale including Will Mallory, Zion Nelson, and Leonard Taylor.  And for your basketball lovers, there are still several Wyatt Wilkes NFT left!  These are the first NFTs ever created for an active NCAA Men's Basketball player.  

To claim this deal, purchase any of the Draftly NFTs and follow the instructions below.  Happy holidays and we look forward to seeing you in our discord cutting it up with us about everything college sports! 

Sales Instructions

1. Purchase your Draftly NFT

2. Email the following information (Instructions below)

Etherscan Transaction Details URL, Transaction Hash, and Discord Handle

3. Join the Draftly Discord

4. Post in the “Introductions” channel

5. Draftly will confirm your information via Discord and transfer eth to your wallet within 10 Days 

6. Complete these steps by December 10th to Redeem the Promo

How to Find Your Transaction Details 

1. View your NFT Purchase

2. Scroll down the OpenSea Page to the “Item Activity” section

3. Find the “Sale” event (should be the first row)

4. Go to the “Date” column and click on the link

5. An Etherscan page will open in a new tab in your browser

6. Copy the URL