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Buying Draftly NFTs on Secondary Market (OpenSea)

Disclaimer: The information below is meant for instructional purposes only and should not be understood to constitute financial advice. Always be sure to protect your personal information and log-in information for any accounts.

Whether you’re a fan of Michigan Football and star RB Blake Corum or want to support any number of Miami Hurricanes athletes like Tyler Van Dyke, purchasing a Draftly NFT from OpenSea is just a few clicks away.

Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet

1. Various cryptocurrency wallets exist. Go to the extensions feature of your web browser (we recommend Google Chrome), download a cryptocurrency wallet, and go through the sign-up process. Here are two we like:

MetaMask Wallet



2. Once set up, go to the “Account” or “Show Wallet Address” button on your wallet extension and copy your wallet number (you’ll be using this number later to put ETH in your wallet). Be sure to stay logged into the wallet extension on your browser.

MetaMask Wallet Number

Obtain Cryptocurrency

Create an account with a cryptocurrency exchange in your Chrome web browser and add a payment method. Various cryptocurrency exchanges exist. Here are a few we like: Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini (Keep in mind that there are others available!). In certain states, cryptocurrency can be purchased directly through your already-established crypto wallet.

1. Once you’ve set up your wallet, select the amount of “ETH” you’d like to buy (due to transaction “GAS” fees on the Ethereum network, you’ll need to buy more ETH than the amount you intend to spend on an NFT).


2. When the ETH is available in your exchange account, use the “Send” option in your exchange app to send ETH to the cryptocurrency wallet you just created by pasting the account number for the wallet you just created in the destination box. Finalize sending ETH to your wallet, and it should arrive in a few minutes.

Connect Crypto Wallet to OpenSea

1. Go to Hover over the person's outline in the top right, and click "Profile."


2. Connect your wallet on the following page by following the prompts. This is the same wallet you just created and linked to your browser.

Buy NFTs

All Draftly NFTs can be viewed on OpenSea in two separate location

Draftly NFT

Draftly Sports OpenSea Home Page

Draftly 2021 Polygon Sports Collection

1. Find the NFT you would like to purchase on either Draftly NFT page.

2. Click "Make Offer" on the NFT page, click agree, then submit your offer. If you do not have enough ETH in your wallet, you may also be able to add funds on this page as well.

If you have any questions please reach out to the Draftly Team that