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Canes Web3 Community: How it works

Draftly is excited to announce our partnership with Canes Web3 Community, the first community-owned & operated NIL collective that will support student-athletes at the University of Miami.  Canes Web3 Community will act as the vessel to organize Miami Hurricane fans & give each fan a say in the organization's direction!

Here's How it Works: 

1) In the coming weeks, we will officially launch the Season 1 Pass to be purchased by the Miami Hurricanes community. Holders of the Season 1 Pass will have exclusive access to local discounts around South Florida, Hurricanes athlete meet-and-greets, gameday watch parties & tailgates, & other community-led initiatives! To remove as many barriers as possible, transactions will be enabled using a credit or debit card & will cost $25- with all money flowing into the CanesDAO treasury.

2) Members of CanesDAO will also be able to access the CanesDAO clubhouse, powered by Draftly Sports. Within the clubhouse, members can shape the organization's direction and determine the utilization of funds in the CanesDAO treasury. This is all made possible through our proposal submission & voting system!

3) CanesDAO pass holders can submit proposals & events for community review. Over a seven-day voting period, each member will vote "yes" or "no" on the given proposal. At the end of the voting period, proposals with a majority of "yes" votes will be "Passed" and will be executed by the Core team.

4) Any proposal utilizing the CanesDAO treasury must be passed by the majority of members and should act in the best interest of CanesDAO! Proposals have no limits & CanesDAO will execute in whatever direction the community believes will be the best for the organization. Examples of proposals could include "CanesDAO community events such as a watch party at a local bar," "Create a NIL deal to a specific Hurricane athlete to promote CanesDAO on their social media," or "Create official merchandise for the members of CanesDAO."

We are excited to create a new form of fan engagement with CanesDAO, while supporting student-athletes at The U! To stay up to date on CanesDAO developments, join the CanesDAO Discord community & follow the CanesDAO Twitter!