Canes DAO: A Hurricanes Web3 Community

CanesDAO is the first ever NIL collective and Miami Hurricanes athletics community which has been built by Canes fans, for Canes fans! CanesDAO will enable every Hurricanes fan to directly support the advancement of University of Miami athletics in a fully transparent way. Our goal is to be the premier Canes community- connecting fans, athletes, and everyone in-between through our passion for The U!

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CanesDAO: We’re strongest together

The Canes DAO will be the first ever NIL collective and Miami Hurricanes athletics community built to change how fans interact with the Hurricanes!  CanesDAO will enable everyone from the die-hard fans to the Hard Rock weekend warriors to help support the Hurricanes and student-athletes by purchasing the Season 1 pass to the community. Using Draftly's DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) technology, each holder of the Season 1 pass will be able to submit proposals, vote on these proposals, and ultimately decide the best way to use our crowdfunded pool of money in a democratic fashion to support the Canes. This is the first time fans can chip in to support the school and teams they love while having a vote on where this money will be spent, and having exclusive access to other Canes fans, events, local events perks, and more. CanesDAO will have no central authority and be shaped in whatever direction the community feels is best for the organization's success. This group will be able to give power back to the fans while simultaneously giving our student-athletes the highest chance of success on and off the field. CanesDAO will be the community that pushes The U to new heights, and as relentless as Canes fans are, we're stronger together! GO CANES!

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We are Going to Make The Canes Community Stronger!

Phase 1:

Community Creation (Summer 2022)- Build Community, Establish athlete partnership, Establish local partnerships in South Florida, Season 1 Pass launch, create community committees, Establish charitable goals.

Phase 2:

Community Benefits (Fall 2022)- Hurricanes athlete meetups, FSU football game CanesDAO tailgate, Giveaways, First proposals voted upon, CanesDAO merch.

Phase 3:

Community Future (Winter & Spring 2023)- Canes DAO token drop, Unique athlete/fan collaborations, DAO determined goals, Roadmap 2.0 established for end of Season 1/ Season 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CanesDAO?

CanesDAO is creating the first college sports DAO in the country with the goal to serve as a vehicle to empower our athletes and enhance the University of Miami fan experience. We have partnered with Draftly Sports to establish the technology in order to make this all work. We will utilize ethereum smart contracts to establish a group of owners using NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs will serve as proof of DAO membership, granting everyone equal voting rights, and allowing us to pool our resources and fund our goals in a completely transparent and democratic way. Our roadmap includes lofty goals such as financially empowering Hurricanes athletes, hosting community tailgates, local perks around Miami for holders, Athlete meet-and-greets, Hurricanes watch parties, and more! We are not for profit and will use our funds to give directly back to our community and athletes.

What is a DAO?

DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are a novel way to share resources, govern communities, and work together towards common goals. In this specific case, the goal is to directly financially support student athletes, the athletics program, and the overall UM fan experience. College sports fans cannot affect change individually, but by banding together they can meaningfully contribute to the on-field and on-court success of their teams. This is a decades old problem that can now be solved using new technology. Instead of top-down hierarchical structures (NCAA, Conference Commissions, and Wealthy Boosters), DAOs embrace a decentralized, community-driven approach to solving issues and supporting others.

What is Draftly?

Draftly is a technology provider, NFT developer, and community builder for NIL collectives at any stage of their development. Draftly is focused on the brand new NIL market and aims to bridge the gap between college athletes and fans. Unlike other NFT platforms, Draftly uses NFTs as a community creation tool instead of just a collectible asset. NFTs are the financial vehicle for fans to directly support their favorite teams/athletes and join a broader community of like minded individuals. Ultimately fans will be able to use their NFTs to vote on how NIL funds are allocated to athletes in a DAO structure.

How is NIL Changing?

On July 1, 2021 College Sports changed forever as the NCAA implemented an interim policy regarding student-athletes profiting off their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL). For the first time ever student athletes were able to accept endorsement deals, sign autographs for money and monetize their social media. In the short time since then the NIL space has rapidly grown and changed with market demands. Student-Athletes have realized the power and influence they have in the space and expanded their brands accordingly. The biggest change has been the formation of NIL Collectives by alumni, fans and boosters of Universities. The goal of the Collectives is to help student-athletes profit from their NIL by setting up deals with businesses or engaging with the student-athletes directly in an NIL agreement. These Collectives are a great way to build a community within a group of fans, alumni and boosters to support their teams on multiple levels.

Where is NIL Going?

The age of NIL is less than a year old and has already significantly altered college sports. The future is limitless and the only limitations are what collectives/businesses and student athletes wish to implement. We are in uncharted territory for college sports and the landscape is changing constantly. The team at Draftly with its vast experience in Sports, Technology and Business is here to help you navigate those changes and help set the course for the future on NIL.