TheOSUDAO: The Buckeye Web3 Community

TheOSUDAO will enable all Buckeye fans to help support the advancement of Buckeye athletics in a fully transparent way. Our goal is to be the premier Buckeye fan and alumni community: connecting fans, athletes, and everyone in-between through our passion for THE Ohio State University while maximizing the opportunities for Buckeye student-athletes off-the-field!

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TheOSUDAO: The Premier Buckeye Web3 Community

TheOSUDAO is the first ever NIL collective and Ohio State athletics community built by Buckeye fans, for Buckeye fans! For the first time, TheOSUDAO will enable everyone from die-hard fans to weekend warriors to help support Buckeye student-athletes by purchasing the Season 1 pass to TheOSUDAO community. Using Draftly's DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) technology, each holder of the Season 1 pass will be able to submit proposals, vote on these proposals, and decide the best way to use our crowdfunded pool of money in a democratic fashion to support Buckeye athletes and the overall community ultimately. This is the first time fans can directly support the school and teams they love while having a vote on where this money will be spent, and having exclusive access to other Buckeye fans, events, local perks, and more. TheOSUDAO will have no central authority and be shaped in whatever direction the community feels is best for the organization's success. This group will be able to give power back to the fans while simultaneously giving our student-athletes the highest chance of success on and off the field. TheOSUDAO will be the community that unites Buckeye fans in a new and unique way, and as relentless as Buckeye fans are, we're stronger together! GO BUCKS!"

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We are Going to Make The Buckeye Community Stronger!

Phase 1:

Community Creation (Summer 2022)-  Build Community, Establish athlete partnership, Establish local partnerships in Columbus/Nationwide, Season 1 Pass launch, Create community committees, Establish charitable goals.

Phase 2:

Community Benefits (Fall 2022)- Buckeye athlete meetups, Big10 football game TheOSUDAO tailgate, Giveaways,  First proposals voted upon, TheOSUDAO merch.

Phase 3:

Community Future (Winter & Spring 2023)-  TheOSUDAO token drop, Unique athlete/fan collaborations, DAO determined goals, Roadmap 2.0 established for end of Season 1/ Season 2.

CanesDAO Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TheOSUDAO?

TheOSUDAO is the first ever NIL collective and Ohio State athletics fan community built by Buckeye fans, for Buckeye fans! TheOSUDAO will enable every Buckeye fan to directly support the advancement of Ohio State athletics in a fully transparent way. Our goal is to be the premier Buckeye fan and alumni community: connecting fans, athletes, and everyone in-between through our passion for THE Ohio State University, while maximizing the opportunities for Buckeye student athletes off-the-field.

What are the goals of TheOSUDAO?

The two main goals for TheOSUDAO are to:

1) Create the strongest community of Buckeye fans and

2) Operate a fully functional NIL collective to support and uplift ALL Buckeye student-athletes  

We have big plans for Season 1 pass holders such as exclusive access to athlete meet-and-greets, networking opportunities, local incentives around Columbus, watch parties, game-day tailgates, access to content from Ohio State insiders, TheOSUDAO merchandise, and other community-led goals.  While offering these perks to our community, we will also contribute a significant amount of our treasury funds to creating & advancing NIL opportunities for Buckeye student athletes which will help build the strength and legitimacy of TheOSUDAO!

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), is a new model of business where the organizational structure is controlled by all members, and not by a single entity. All decisions for the DAO are proposed and ultimately voted upon by all other members of the organization. The Season 1 Pass NFT will be the ticket of admission into the DAO, and each holder of this annual pass will receive a vote on proposals set forth by the community.

What is an NIL Collective?

On July 1st 2021, the college sports landscape changed forever when certain States allowed student-athletes to begin profiting off of their “Name, Image, and Likeness”, or NIL for short. It hasn’t even been a year since this landmark decision, and “NIL Collectives” have been popping up at nearly every Power 5 school to help their student-athletes gain NIL deals. Since NCAA rules still prohibit any “Pay for Play,” the member institution is not allowed to create these deals for their athletes or pay their student-athletes directly. NIL Collectives are third-party organizations which work in the best interest of the school, without being connected to the school in any way. Most NIL Collectives thus far have been run by a few wealthy boosters, but TheOSUDAO is aiming to be the first successful NIL collective owned and operated by the everyday fans! Check out #nil-backpack on TheOSUDAO Discord for more resources to learn about NIL!

This is all very confusing.  How does it actually work?

You’re right! We understand that there is a disconnect between sports fans and crypto savvy people, so we partnered with Draftly Sports to simplify the process as much as possible! Draftly is providing the technology services to create the DAO, verified proposal & voting systems, & the ability to handle traditional payments. Draftly was accepted into the Shopify NFT beta program which allows for all Season 1 pass NFTs to be purchased using traditional payments such as debit or credit card. After purchasing the Season 1 pass, you will receive an email with instructions to add the NFT to your MetaMask or Coinbase wallet, where it can be viewed or resold on OpenSea. This simpler web 2.5 process will onboard more members to TheOSUDAO.