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What is Draftly

Draftly is a technology provider, NFT developer, and community builder for NIL collectives at any stage of their development.  The Draftly team is a unique combination of experts in the fields of NFTs, NIL, sports, and web3. Draftly is equipped to support existing NIL collectives, NIL collectives in early-stage development, or support a passionate group of alumni, boosters, or fans to organize and build a unique organization of their own.

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What can Draftly do for me?

The answer? Whatever you need.  Draftly offers a full suite of web 3 services including NFT creation, drop execution, community portal creation, compliance assistance, and more.

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How is NIL Changing?

On July 1, 2021 College Sports changed forever as the NCAA implemented an interim policy regarding student-athletes profiting off their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL).  For the first time ever student athletes were able to accept endorsement deals, sign autographs for money and monetize their social media.  In the short time since then the NIL space has rapidly grown and changed with market demands.  Student-Athletes have realized the power and influence they have in the space and expanded their brands accordingly.  The biggest change has been the formation of NIL Collectives by alumni, fans and boosters of Universities.  The goal of the Collectives is to help student-athletes profit from their NIL by setting up deals with businesses or engaging with the student-athletes directly in an NIL agreement.  These Collectives are a great way to build a community within a group of fans, alumni and boosters to support their teams on multiple levels.

Where is NIL Going?

The answer is literally limitless --- as far as your imagination can take you.  We are in uncharted territory for college sports and the landscape is changing constantly.  The team at Draftly with its vast experience in Sports, Technology and Business is here to help you navigate those changes and help set the course for the future on NIL.

Welcome to the clubhouse

Our Team of Sports Experts

Head of Partnerships at Draftly Matt Reinhart

Matt Reinhart

Head of Partnerships

Matt was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, and resides in Santa Monica, CA. Matt is an avid sports fan, collector, golfer, husband, and father. Matt graduated from The Ohio State University and spent 12 years working for the National Football League before joining Draftly as Head of Partnerships.

Vic DeNardi

Head of NIL and Recruiting

Vic is based out of Indianapolis and has over 25 years of experience in college and professional athletics as an athlete, coach, and administrator. He joined Draftly after eight years at the NCAA and eight years at the NFL League Office.

Head of Product at Draftly Julio Rivera

Julio Rivera

Co-founder & Header of Product

Julio is a UI/UX specialist with over 15 years of experience. The first designer at Flyblade ($1 billion valuation) and QL Gaming Group ($32 million exit) and has designed for brands like Adidas, BBC, MTV, EA Games, iHeart Radio, and Guardian Insurance.

CTO at Draftly Ken Gaulter

Ken Gaulter

Co-founder & CTO

Ken has pursued decentralization since discovering color coins and "smart property" on Bitcoin. These early NFT concepts fuel his conviction that all assets will be tokenized. Ken has over ten years of development experience and has been a builder in the blockchain/web3 space since 2018. Ken spends most of his time on-chain but calls New Orleans home.