Meet the Team

Welcome to the clubhouse you won't find any rookies here.

Julio Rivera

Co-founder & Header of Product

Julio is a UI/UX specialist with over 15 years of experience. The first designer at Flyblade ($1 billion valuation) and QL Gaming Group ($32 million exit) and has designed for brands like Adidas, BBC, MTV, EA Games, iHeart Radio, and Guardian Insurance.

Nick DeNuzzo

Co-founder & CEO

Nick splits his time between New York and Mexico City. He brings experience from both traditional financial services and early-stage startups. He formerly worked at Deutsche Bank, Techstars, and AWS.

Azalea Kemp

Branding & Head of Content

Azalea has a passion for embedding human connection into innovate brands. Spending her time between New York and Mexico City, she has been designing sites, creating content, and building communities in the start up space since 2019.

Ken Gaulter

Co-founder & CTO

Ken has pursued decentralization since discovering color coins and "smart property" on Bitcoin. These early NFT concepts fuel his conviction that all assets will be tokenized. Ken has over ten years of development experience and has been a builder in the blockchain/web3 space since 2018. Ken spends most of his time on-chain but calls New Orleans home.

Sports NFT Image for Draftly
About Draftly

Draftly is a membership-based fan engagement platform built specifically for sports. We bridge the gap between sports communities and their biggest fans and members.  

Our Mission

Enabling College Athletes and Fans to Unite in Digital & Physical Communites