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If you're a high school student ready to transition into college, leverage Draftly for comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

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Find your perfect college with ease

Draftly empowers high school students with comprehensive tools for identifying the ideal college fit. Discover essential college information swiftly and seamlessly.

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We offer a comprehensive range of options.

Students can gain valuable insights into campus life, including factors such as gender demographics, on-campus residence, student body composition, and many other aspects.

College filters to help you select the right school.
Learn about the total cost of going to your top college
Learn about life of college campus vs. off campus.

Keeping the community informed.

AI coaching for students

Are you uncertain about which college sports program is the best fit for you? Don't fret, as Draftly is developing an AI Coach that will assist you in making a more informed decision.

Scholarships information

We understand that finding college scholarships can be challenging, and deciphering your eligibility for various scholarships can be even more complex. At Draftly, we are diligently working to centralize all this valuable scholarship information in one convenient location for your benefit.

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